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My favorite topic...lash extensions. I LOVE mine!

Posted on February 9, 2015

With today’s hectic lifestyles, most women don’t have the time to apply falsies every morning, yet we still want those long, lush lashes that make our eyes pop! So, it’s no surprise that eyelash extensions have become the most recent beauty rage.  

Lash extension application process takes 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the look you want to achieve.The process is painless and lash extensions last approximately three weeks.  Voila, you’ll have beautiful, full lashes without mascara!  In fact, some women feel they need less makeup altogether when wearing extensions.

One of the biggest myths is that lash extensions damage your natural lashes. This is, in fact, a myth. When applied correctly and properly cared for, they are safe and your natural lashes will stay healthy.

Keep in mind, your beautiful lashes will require some maintenance and gentle care. A few changes in your daily routine will keep them both healthy and long lasting.

Relax for 24-48 hours post application, lash adhesive takes time set fully.  Try to avoid extremely humid place like vigorous exercise, hot yoga, sauna, hot showers, hot tub, etc..  If adhesive doesn’t bond properly your extensions won’t last.  You get it?  No wet heat!

Avoid Oil Based Products  they weaken lash extensions.  Also, consider applying under eye cream lightly and allow it to absorb completely before going to bed.  This prevents your favorite cream from getting on your extensions should you accidentally rub your face in your sleep.

Ease Up On Mascara your lashes are already fuller and longer so you don’t really need as much.  Too much mascara can weigh down your extensions and weaken them, and cause breakage.

Makeup removers eye area is sensitive, use oil free remover designed for eyes only.  Skip cotton pads to avoid getting pieces stuck in your lashes.  Make sure you to wipe gently from eyelid to the tip of lashes.  Avoid rubbing as much as possible and NEVER wipe side to side.

Leave Them Alone I know it’s very tempting to check on your extensions or just to play with them every chance you get.  The more you mess with them, the quicker they’ll fall off.  So, keep clear and only touch when ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Get Refills Regularly touch-ups are a very important part of maintaining long lasting eyelash extensions.  Only some spots will need to be replaced due to natural eyelash growth and natural lash shedding.  It’s usually a quick visit that’s needed 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking amazing.

While eyelash extensions may not work for everyone, they are certainly the ideal choice for today’s busy woman who wants look fabulous while working, playing and working out without a hassle. Effortless.  Lash extensions are great for vacations and weddings, you  look awake and made up no matter where you are- they immediately bring sense of confidence through your eyes.  When correctly applied and properly cared for, your beautiful lash extensions will last you a long time.  I’ve enjoyed mine for 4  years.  Can not imagine myself without them, I’m hooked!!

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